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  Dr.  Ricky D. Cope

The headlines are continuously bleeding from the moral and spiritual decline of America's youth. Pastor Cope has work with youth across America for over 20 years and founded "10ft Tall and Bullet Proof "Ministries, in 2003.

Pastor Rick's unique approach in this message is hilariously funny and tearfully serious as only he can bring. He works alongside local police departments, fire departments, and EMS in every community, to make this message come to life with a mock wreck scene.

 "Bullet Proof" is an Enlightening and Powerful wake up call for the youth of today. Thousands of young people, over 20 years, have come to Christ and changed their outlook on life. Pastor Cope has a true passion for young people and knows the answer for this generation is ...Jesus.


For more information on bringing "10 Feet Tall and Bullet Proof" to your city or community click on the Picture.

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