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Aaron's Army Initiative








Americas Preventative School Shooting Plan




Our first role as the leaders of America, the state, schools, and our homes is to be the "WATCHMAN ON THE WALL" for the protection of our children. The safety of our children is not only first,  but top priority, in America!


We are failing our children.  It is the goal of  "The Aaron's Army Initiative" to create a doable and cost effective plan that creates layers of protection that start in the home, to the school parking lot, to the classroom.  This will take an army, an army of people who believe in America and love their children enough to become the shield in the face of danger, as did Coach Aaron Feis.


If you believe in what we are doing, please join our Facebook Page and contact you local representatives and provide them with the link to this page and ask them to allow us time to have a meeting to discuss our plan.




  •  This is now a must, placing trained officers, military, and school faculty to carry fire arms in every school 


  • ​​Class preparation, mandatory shooting drills every two months of a school year

  • Place glass hammers in every classroom to break windows as an escape route

  • Student Watch: train students what to look for disturbing signs of violence 

  • Student  Mentors

Getting Pastors, Community Leaders, Parents, and Volunteers to be apart of counseling  students in the felt need areas


  • Extensive gun background checks

  • Mental Health Counseling 

  • Armed Guards and weapons for teachers


  • Zero Entrance Law

  • Lock Down Door System In Every School


  • A vow to action from every leader (federal,  state  and local) parent and student.


How do we fund such an army of people and resources? 


There are many ways, but here's a start. America uses 385 MILLION GALLONS OF GAS everyday. A small "Pay or Protect at the Pump Fee" of $.05 cents per gal surcharge will generate $19 MILLION PER DAY or over $7 BILLION IN REVENUE A YEAR to go towards this effort.


Example, my pickup truck holds 40-gallons of gas, each time I fill up I'll pay

$2.00 to protect my children.  As a grandfather, $2.00 is nothing for peace of mind. It's less

than a gourmet coffee.  This surcharge will insure that all Americans will help with

the protection of our children with not one paying more than another. This is just one

example of a funding plan.

We need your Help!


Contact your federal, state, and local representatives and speak up for the sake of our children!

Thank you for your time in this very important crisis in America and the lives of our children!


Your Servant,

Dr. Ricky D. Cope

Lead Pastor

Trinity Baptist Church

1519 Steel Hill Rd

Lancaster, SC 29720


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