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Dr. Ricky D. Cope


Born October 31,1966, in Charlotte, NC, Pastor Ricky D. Cope was brought up in a Pastor's home and is a 1984 graduate of Indian High School in Indian Land, SC. He worked little jobs here and there before entering into his plumbing career that he held for twenty years before entering the ministry. At the age of nine he developed a love for music from his mother, and by the age of 22 his love for music expanded into writing his own music and lyrics. Pastor Cope has written over 100 gospel songs and has recorded several CDs.


At the age of 36 on February 24, 2003, Pastor Cope surrendered to the call to preach. He then served in evangelism for three years. During this time Pastor Cope preached in several areas of ministry, including Churches, Tent Revivals, Military Bases, Prisons, Juvenile Detention Facilities, Retirement Facilities, and thousands of our nations youth. God was with him as hundreds were saved through his message "Ten Feet Tall and Bullet Proof" and his life story "My Friend, Grace." Pastor Cope is also actively involved in assisting Pro-Life as he has spoken on numerous occasions to fight for Sanctity of Life through the song he wrote, "Rescued."


In 2004, Pastor Cope received the US Army Medal of Excellence for his music, which honored our US Military. In 2005, he received the Minuteman Award by the US National Guard for his work in encouraging the families of our soldiers during "Operation Iraqi Freedom." He has been recognized by the White House under President George W. Bush and Arlington National Cemetery Commitee in Washington D.C. for the music that has touched the lives of countless soldiers fighting and giving the ultimate sacrifice for our nation's freedom.


On April 9, 2006, Pastor Cope was ordained into the ministry by Trinity Baptist Church of Asheville, NC, under the leadership of Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr. Pastor Cope is now the founding Pastor of Trinity Baptist Church in Indian Land, SC.


In 2009, Pastor Cope was invited by the State of South Carolina Board of Corrections to hold the historical first Evangelist Tent Crusade on the prison grounds of the Catawba Prerelease Correction Facility in Rock Hill, SC.


On June 30,  2013, Pastor Cope earned his Doctrine of Divinity presented by Dr. Jimmy Vaughan of Emmanuel, VA.


In 2013, Pastor Cope was invited to preach his first historial Evangelist Crusade in El Salvador, and was presented The Key to the City by Mayor Carlos Gomez.


Pastor Cope founded the following Church Ministries and Institutions:





Founded "10 Ft tall and Bullet Proof" Youth Ministries 2003

Founded "Rescued" Pro Life Ministries 2003

Founded "Home Safe" Military Ministries 2003

Founded Trinity Baptist Church 2006  

Founded "Freedom Prison Ministries" 2006

Founded Trinity Bible Institute 2011 

Founded Trinity Hispanic Church 2012

Founded "G. R.O.W." Church Leadership Ministries 2012
Founded " Vision Evangelistic Ministries" 2013

His life's goal always has been to reach the world with the message that "Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life." That through Christ there is HOPE for the hopeless, there is HELP for those who cannot help themselves, and there is a HOME in Heaven for all who surrender their lives to Him. Pastor Cope is married to the former Robin Strickland of Pineville, NC, and has two daughters: Sarah Renee Barnhart, who is the wife of Jimi Barnhart, 3rd Class Petty Officer of US Navy and Raquel Leann Dill, who is the wife of Pastor Bryan Dill of Waxhaw, NC, with their three daughters, Lillian Grace Dill (Stinker Pooh) and Layla Bell Dill (Dooger Bug) and Lydia Rose Dill.

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