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In November of 2011, I had a revival scheduled at our church.  One week prior to the meeting, I had a preacher have to cancel. So with one week before our meeting, I asked a preacher friend of mine to recommend a preacher and he did. The pastor, he recommended was Brother Rick Cope. Rick came that night and preached a powerful message that greatly helped our church. As incredible as the service was, the meal to follow, would forever change my ministry. Brother Rick shared incredible insight into the ministry with me. The Lord has used Brother Rick in my life to more than double our church attendance in every service we have. Also, our youth group has tripled. I can contact him anytime I need him and he always has a listening ear and a helping hand. Before I met him, we had hit a barrier around 95 to 105 people. On March 10 of 2013, we exceeded 240 people saved. His mentoring of me has helped me to learn how to train and properly disciple the people, God has given our church. Lakeview Baptist Church has and always will benefit from the guidance and help of Brother Rick Cope.


Pastor Eric Hill



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